Boy Scouts share excitement of GA

July 18, 2013 by Craig Fuller











I travel the country talking to pilots and AOPA members, but even I rarely get to see so much enthusiasm from so many young people as I have today at the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree in Mt. Hope, West Virginia. In just a couple of days more than 1,000 scouts have visited our tent to enjoy a flight experience in the AOPA Jay. And some 600 have signed up for our special teen AV8RS program. Today, as part of Airborne Day, our own Dave Hirschman led a flyover that had all eyes looking up.

  • James Bildilli

    Kudos to AOPA for their support of getting youth involved in the aviation field.

    You need to include an article in a future issue about the Aviation Exploring program which is also under the auspices of the BSA’s Learning for Life program. Our encampment at Air Venture next week will be “maxed out” with Explorers from all over the country. Although they primarily volunteer for Custom Aircraft Parking, they also help out in other areas including Kid Venture. AOPA does have a history with the Aviation Exploring Base along with Sporty’s Pilot Shop and the EAA with its financial assistance to construct a kitchen to feed the teen volunteers.

    Thank you again for helping to inspire our future aviators..

  • Patrick Wiggins

    Good news indeed. It’s always great to see youngsters taking an interest in aviation. It’s just too bad that unlike the Boy Scouts the Girls Scouts will not allow their girls to fly. I hope that changes some day soon.

  • Rick Matthews

    Outreach like this is always nice, and I for one am grateful to the AOPA for this type of program. Sadly, there is a huge disconnect between these programs and what actually happens or is available at their local airport when they get home. What access is there? In 90% of the “local airports”, there is very little to continue the inspiration, turning it into addition business for aviation.

    The Aviation Access Project is diligently working to correct this, plugging the gap between outreach and actually living their dream or inspiration out of their local airport.

  • roger Mantony

    The Jamboree is a wonderful place to promote aviation but at the local airports many scouts earn their avaition merit badge thru the different programs such as Young Eagles, EAA, dedicated individual merit badge counselors and CAP. Sure it sometimes takes followup from the scoutmaster or the parents of the Jamboree participants, but while the AOPA promotes aviation, they can also help provide a guide so our scouts can intercept a localizer and descend right down the path towards a career in aviation.
    The BSA programs for older scouts 14 and above, such as venturing and exploring includes girls, so they don’t have to miss out.
    Thanks to all the wonderful AOPA volunteers giving their time and money to make this Jamboree special for some of our nation’s future pilots.

  • kathy halem

    While I applaud anything that promotes aviation I find myself objecting to this endorsement since the boy scouts of America decided that “fat” kids cannot attend the jamboree. I do not like supporting any group that feels it is alright to single out one group for exclusion. Would you feel it was alright to support this group if it said black kids could not attend the jamboree? Prejudice is prejudice no matter what flag it flies under.

  • Cole Weidenbusch

    For several years, the 55th Wing, in conjunction with the LeMay Aero Club at Offutt AFB, NE, has provided support for Boy Scouts at Camp Cedar, NE, to get their navigation merit badges during the summer. Members from the flying squadrons of the 55th Wing provide ground instruction during the week, followed by flight instructors in two Cessna 172’s from the LeMay Aero Club taking each participating Scout on a 40 minute flight where they get to fly and navigate the route they planned during the week. Each summer, we have helped around 70 Boy Scouts earn their merit badges and enjoy the thrill of flying!

  • Miles D Mackey

    Great program. Do you know about the AVI8CANDO program founded by Dr. George Jutila, former US Air Force Flight Surgeon and flight surgeon for the Voyager around the world flight? He would be a valuable supporter for your program.

  • Miles D Mackey

    Great program.

  • Miles D Mackey

    great program