The RAF Fire Hub Let’s You Participate in SUN ‘n FUN!

March 25, 2012 by Craig Fuller

When our friends at the Recreational Aviation Foundation first spoke to me about their idea to create an RAF Fire Hub at SUN ‘n FUN, I thought the idea was sensational!  What better image is there of a group of people relaxing around a fire at the end of a day.  So, I agreed AOPA would help with the first Fire Hub….then, I saw the design and heard more about the RAF’s vision of Fire Hubs around the country.

I really think they are on to something exciting!  And, here’s the best part….everyone can participate.  Around the Fire Hub are bricks that can be purchased by those passionate about aviation.  The first Fire Hub will be unveiled at SUN ‘n FUN in just another few hours and you can be a part of this wonderful opportunity…..the RAF will tell you how to participate…just click here: ….or, to get your brick right now, click here: .

If you are at SUN ‘n FUN on Tuesday afternoon, come to the unveiling…..look for the SUN ‘n FUN schedule of events for details on time and location.

  • Thomas White

    Your readers might be interested in the origination of the idea of the Fire Hub. At Sugar Valley Airport in NC (5NC2) the original fire circle is being built and will be dedicated on April 21, 2012 at the Spring Fly-In. Check out for more information. The idea was the brainchild of Jon Wells, Manager of Logistics and Material Control at Honda Aircraft (HondaJet). Jon is the president of the Honda Flying Club which has embraced 5NC2 as a location for some of its activities. Jon’s idea was to build the Fliers Friendship Fire Circle at Sugar Valley to provide pilots with a place to congregate for fellowship and building relationships in addition to providing a place for other members of the local community to use. Scouts, CAP and other will be using the circle for their activities. Jon shared the idea with RAF leaders such as John McKenna, President, and Tim Clifford, Board Member and they were enthusiastic about using it for RAF. 5NC2 volunteers readily agreed (5NC2 is a nonprofit charity and run by all volunteers). They agreed to attribute the idea to Jon and Sugar Valley but I suppose it didn’t make it through the editing process. The circle at Sugar Valley is being built by all volunteers from the airport and Honda. We invite all to come to the dedication and buy a brick to help support the efforts. Bricks can be bought here: Progress of construction:

  • Irishflyin

    I really thought that the idea started in North Carolina and that aviation supporters and pilots were building it without the use of contractors. Looks like you guys stole what was NOT the RAF’s idea but this airports idea. Sugar Valley Airport was the first to start it and then a represntative contacted RAF to get support to expand it on the premise that Sugar Valley would be the FIRST and founding “Friendship Fire Circle”, as it was given to the RAF in proposal, which would then set off excitement to have additional “Friendship Fire Circle” areas built at other airports around the country. I am cancelling my AOPA membership for sure now, as you are all simply a group of hypocrites and have to resort to stealing other people’s ideas to help fill your pockets instead of doing the RIGHT thing and simply support what was an actual AOPA member’s idea. Shame on you and your entire organization for pushing down the small private, recreational aiports and their organizations. SHAME ON YOU! Here is where it all started with proof!

  • Craig Fuller

    Whew…how could such a nice idea get someone so upset.

    We are thrilled to hear about the Sugar Valley “Friendship Fire Circle” and hope you will tell us more about it.

    And, when our friends in a national organization, the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), told us about their desire a few months ago to build their first Fire Hub at SUN ‘n FUN we liked that idea, too.

    Frankly, anyone who creates a strong community of pilots get my respect and attention! Honestly, I didn’t think anyone had or suggested they had sole claim to a campfire…

    We are here in Lakeland, Florida reporting on the RAF Fire Hub and participating in it’s unveiling during SUN ‘n FUN. We’ve met some of the many young Civil Air Patrol volunteers who helped build the Fire Hub and we’ve stood by the fire talking to fellow pilots and enjoying an evening of good fellowship.

    So, as the President of AOPA, I congratulate those with a vision at Sugar Valley Airport to create your Friendship Fire Circle. May it bring you the many long and enjoyable evenings with fellow aviators.


  • Thomas White

    We at Sugar Valley are delighted RAF took the idea, whereever it came from, and ran with it. Congratulations to them for getting it going nationwide.

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