Huskies South…Day 3

March 23, 2012 by Craig Fuller

It may not be for everyone, but honestly, it is pure pleasure to be flying low and slow over the Gulf coast of Florida right now.  The winds are steady.  The air is smooth out over the water.  And, the scenery is just spectacular.

The Tornado Husky piloted by my colleague Dave Hirschman is also proving to be a fine photo platform for our colleague Paul Harrop.  Dave and I have discovered that all we have to do is fly the planes and Paul does a superb job showing our AOPA Online and AOPA LIVE audiences what this is like.   We are really excited about Paul’s work and I think all will agree he is a great new addition to the team.

Along the way, I enjoy taking a few pictures out of windows that open to the fresh salt air.

We’ve just wrapped up day 3 of our trip and are overnighting in Naples, Florida near the airport.  We’ve felt welcomed from the start!  The Huskies were surrounded by jets on the ramp at the Naples Municipal Airport, but the fellow on the line walked right up to the Tornado Husky and as a member expressed what virtually every member tells us…they are ready to win the aircraft.  Soon, Ted Soliday, the executive director of the City of Naples Airport Authority stopped over to say hello since he heard we were headed his way.

Today, we left Ceder Cay after breakfast and made a hop to Venice where we fueled up and enjoyed a light lunch at the airport cafe.  It was quite good.  Then, it was a scenic flight to Naples.

Here are some samples of what I’m seeing from N24HU.

This shot was taken as we were both climbing above the broken to scattered clouds.  Once we reached the West coast of Florida, the clouds became widely scattered.

I circled around Cedar Cay (KCDK) airport as the Tornado Husky touched down.  Dave and I noticed there are a fair number of skid marks well past the numbers…the 2,300 foot runway is plenty long for the Huskies and many other planes….but, some people may have stood on the brakes rather than just go around when finding they were landing long.

Without the tundra tires, N24HU is just a bit faster….I pulled up just to get this shot.  We are just a little South of Tampa and enjoying the blue water.

Now there is a beach!  At this point, we’re not far from Naples.

With the camera gear and a few bags for the night in Naples, we were grateful for the fine service at the Naples Airport!

We look forward to a weekend of flying and an arrival at Lakeland for our SUN ‘n FUN preparations on Sunday.  The excitement starts on Tuesday and we hope if you are in the area you will visit Lakeland and take in the show!

  • David LeBlanc

    I saw the Huskies at Sun&Fun, and talked with Dave. I am sure you have heard this before, but, I would really love to fly that A1C. It is a beautiful aircraft. I learned to fly in a taildragger, and miss flying an old J3. Send it up here to Cape Cod. It will be loved.