Huskies to SUN ‘n FUN

March 22, 2012 by Craig Fuller

Yesterday, we departed Frederick, Maryland for SUN ‘n FUN.  Of course, we intend to do a little extra flying in the Southeast!

As we’ve done before, AOPA’s Dave Hirschman is piloting the AOPA Tornado Husky, our current sweepstakes aircraft.  I’m flying my Husky, N24HU. 

I will file reports along the way and then spend the week in Lakeland, Florida and visit with members who join us on the grounds at SUN ‘ n FUN.  They have an exciting week planned and Dave and I will be the two fellows standing around our bright yellow Huskies…come see us!

Here we are yesterday waiting out low ceilings before departing Frederick.  Woody Cahall, who helps us with all things flying related, suggested we head out towards Harper’s Ferry and guess what….there was sunshine right on this beautiful West Virginia community.  But, it wasn’t until later that we found a nice hole in the overcast and up went the Huskies!

Our first day took us to Danville (KDAN) for refueling.  We ran into great AOPA members whom we’d last seen at the AOPA Summit in Hartford.  Given weather over the mountains to our West, we changed plans and headed for Beaufort, SC (KARW).  We were rewarded with a beautiful evening sunset and fine dinner at one of Beaufort’s many great restaurants.

Today, we’re planning to head South along the Western side of Florida.  We will look for new and interesting locations along the way as we work our way further South over the weekend and then back  to Lakeland (KLAL).

Follow the journey here….and, if you have the chance, come see us at SUN ‘n FUN!