Flying Our New Sweepstakes Plane

January 24, 2009 by Craig Fuller

At the end of the week, a mission to an airport not far from Frederick provided me with an opportunity to fly AOPA’s Let’s Go Flying! Sweepstakes Airplane, a Cirrus SR22, for the first time. After more than two weeks of very cold weather, PILOT’s Dave Hirschman and I had a spectacular day for the flight. We departed from the ramp in front of AOPA.

There is a generous amount of room up front. Our chief pilot, Bill Ryan, joined us and took a few pictures during the flight from his “window seat” in the back. The controls were easy to adapt to and the avionics are impressive.

After hand flying up to altitude and a very comfortable steep turn, we turned the work over to the auto pilot and monitored our progress.

As I said, it was a beautiful day for the flight and the SR22 proved to be a great platform for a few aerial photographs. Bill found a ski resort….I bet they were not as pleased with the warm weather as we were. But, that was yesterday. Today in Frederick we saw a few snow flurries again….so, I am debating whether to pull the Bonanza out of the hangar or not.

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  • http:[email protected] MICHAEL ROY

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