Someone Called Today “Gray Saturday”

November 26, 2011 by Craig Fuller

So, I heard that the day after Black Friday (yesterday) is considered to be “Gray Saturday” (today).  And, on this day, we are supposed to stay out of the giant malls and shop at small, independent stores.

While I know not who comes up with this, it was all I needed.

While others were stuck in traffic, I traveled to my chosen retailer in a relaxed environment.  Upon arrival, the fine people at this establishment had a parking space just feet from their front door and someone actually was out to assist with parking.  On top of this, they served hot dogs and fueled my vehicle while I shopped.

Yes, today was a day for taking out the Bonanza and making a trip to Sporty’s!

It was a nice VFR flight and fun to see our friends there.  It was a short visit for me as I promised to be back in time to catch a movie….but, it was great to see so many people out enjoying their afternoon at an airport.

Of course, there are a few pictures….this first one shows me crossing into Ohio….

The folks at Sporty’s were parking planes near the entrance (and the hot dogs) as we arrived…..

The trip home was definitely faster with a nice tail wind and a 190 kt ground speed.  Crossing from West Virginia into Maryland, there are more and more hilltops with windpower…